Give Control to Him

logomaker-1475547830125For this final installment in the Ruth Series, the topic focuses on after we are married. Whenever I would read the last half of Ruth 4, nothing in those verses ever grabbed my attention as something that God wanted me to have insight on. That is until I read it several months ago. Prior to studying chapter four, I was watching a video from one of my favorite YouTube channels.

In the video, the married Christian couple discussed their reasons for why they are not using birth control. Now, I have to say that this was NOT my first time hearing about married Christian couples choosing not to use birth control. My thoughts in the past on this topic were if a married Christian couple in the twenty-first century is not ready yet to have children, then the best route to prevent that is by using birth control. However, after watching the video on YouTube and after reading the second half of Ruth 4, I believe that God revealed something that I had not noticed in previous readings of Ruth 4. In verse 13, it says, “So Boaz took Ruth and she became his wife. When he made love to her, the Lord enabled her to conceive, and she gave birth to a son.” The key word here is “enabled,” which is another word for “allow, permit, and make possible.” This had me asking the question: why is it that many will give God control over some areas in their life, but when it comes to marriage and children, we believe we know better?

Ruth is not the only example of God “enabling” conception. See Genesis 21:1-2 as God enabled Sarah to give birth to her and Abraham’s son Isaac well past the birthing age for a woman. See Genesis 25:20-26 as Isaac and his wife Rebekah were married twenty years before God opened Rebekah’s womb blessing them with twin boys (Esau and Jacob). Another example is in Genesis 30 when God blessed Jacob and Rachel (after years of prayer) with a son (Joseph). Of course, none of us can forget the supernatural pregnancy of young Mary who gave birth to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ referenced in both Matthew and Luke. In each example, God is the one who ordained it.

You might be thinking, “Although that’s true, there are women in this world who have babies unexpectedly in countries without birth control and unexpectedly here in the U.S. even.” Ask yourself this, how many women have still conceived WHILE on some form of birth control? The facts are birth control is not one hundred percent. Sure, it is close but there is STILL that chance. I’m not saying everyone should go and get off birth control. I personally believe that given the time we are currently living in where the decision to “wait for the one” or “wait until marriage to lose your virginity” has decreased, there needs to be birth control to protect oneself.

I am talking to those who are reading this, who want God’s will for EVERY part of their life. Can you trust God the way Abraham and Sarah, the way Isaac and Rebekah, the way Jacob and Rachel, the way Ruth and Boaz, and the way Mary did? Now for you this may be God leading you to use birth control for a season. For another, it may be God telling you to trust Him by not using anything. All I am saying is GIVE this area of bringing or not bringing children into this world to God. He will show you and your husband what to do or not do.

Finally, to those of us who are single, we can still honor God AND our future husbands. In addition to your sexual purity, let your lips touch only his lips, let the words, “I love you” be for him alone, and give your heart only to your future husband, for he is the one man that God deems worthy enough to care for your heart. For those who have had past relationships, you too can do the same from this day forward; God does not condemn you for your past—God wants to FREE you from it. All that you need to do is ask God for forgiveness and repent (change course).

Regardless of what mine or your single season has looked like up to now, none of us can do God’s standard of singleness in our own strength. We all must ask God to reveal the ways that we each can honor Him and even our future husbands during our single season. Moreover, ask God to help you live out what He reveals to you. When you do ask, expect God to answer.

All Bible Verses are from Holy Bible: New International Version

Here is the video the video I referenced, if you would like to check it out: Ashley Empowers.


2 thoughts on “Give Control to Him

  1. I remember back in my college days thinking that birth control was wrong and Christians should 100% trust God to handle that aspect of our lives. (Forgetting that we are also supposed to be responsible stewards.) Then I took History of Christian Missions and saw a pattern with the missionary wives – they’d all have a dozen children, die at a young age, their husbands would remarry and the next wife would also have a dozen children right off the bat and she’d very likely die, too. That got me taking a second look at birth control! I like how you consider both aspects as between us and our personal relationship with God.


    1. Wow that sounds like an interesting class that you took. You are so right that no use of birth control can lead to women having many children.
      It is important that we all personally ask God what He wants us to do individually when it comes to this; because, what He tells one person does not necessarily apply to another.
      Thanks for your comment! 🙂 


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