Why did I choose to do this blog?

Well, for three years now, I’ve had an interest in reading and watching videos of how God has brought couples together. I wanted to find a connection to people who have been where I am now. You might be wondering where I am. The answer is simple: I have never had a boyfriend nor have I ever been on a date, and I am perfectly okay with that because I do not have an interest in having multiple boyfriends. I just desire ONE boyfriend and that is the one God has for me, and God has me for him.

Yes, I know my situation is a lot different from most people or most Christians for that matter. The latter is something I discovered even more as I read different articles and watched videos. All of the videos and articles I found entailed Christian couples who had a past of broken relationships and how not too long after their decision to wait for God, they met the one God had for them. It was wonderful to see how God showed those couples how their past—so long as they leave it there—does not define them. Still, I found myself desiring to hear/read stories of couples (or one of the people within the relationship) that had no previous relationships, couples who had seen friends and family around them beginning their right relationships at a younger age than they are, and how God brought about these couples’ love story at the right time.

The more I looked the more I did not find it. I even hit a low point where I wrote an encouragement letter to myself. That is when I believe God showed me that instead of looking for that article, blog or video that has a similar story to mine; perhaps, I need to become that blog that I had been looking for. So, I write this for the teenage girls out there who are having a hard time seeing the benefit of waiting for God in this area of their life despite what you see around you whether it’s friends, family or TV. I also write this for the girls my age (I’m 24) who desire marriage but find the only prospects seem to be the nonbelievers, or the sometime Christian who attends church every once in a while but does not live out God’s word unless it’s convenient for them.

Moreover, I write this to the women who are a bit older than me who have past relationships or even have remained dedicated to waiting for God but are feeling uneasy as they approach an age where the statistics are telling you the chances of this or that happening are slim. What I pray is that EACH of you who read any of my posts walk away with something God needs you to know about him, and his will for you. Please know that as I write these posts—the posts will be chapter-by-chapter study of God’s word and how the TRUTH applies to any season of your life—I’ll be learning right along with you. Feel free to post some of your own story; I would love to read it.


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  1. I suppose I am part of one of those rare couples you refer to. While my husband did have one previous relationship from high school, he is the only boyfriend I ever had, the only boy I ever “dated” (we didn’t really date), the only kiss, only male best friend, etc. (Frankly, even he only having one previous relationship is rather rare in todays society.)

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    1. It is so encouraging to hear that your first and only boyfriend is in fact your husband. That is so true; the fact that your husband only had one relationship before you is rare in this world. Many people tend to have two or three (maybe more) relationships before they meet the person that they end up marrying.
      Thanks for your comment.


  2. What a great idea for a blog, I’m sure that lots of people will be encouraged reading your story. It’s kind of like you always seem to hear the more dramatic conversion stories, but not so often about people who have known God all there lives. It’s like people think the bigger the mess the better the testimony!
    I can relate to your having to wait, I had a couple of boyfriends before meeting my husband, but nothing serious, which I am so thankful for. But it felt like I was the only single one for a long time while all my friends were getting married!

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    1. Thanks allycarter1. I appreciate your encouraging words. I’m praying that this blog draws at least one person closer to God.
      You are so right. Hearing about those who at a young age became a Christian is not as common to hear about as those whose journey to Christ came years later. There are different paths and journeys for everyone who comes to know God and different timelines of how or when they get close to him. That’s what makes a testimony so beautiful. Some might have similarities but no testimony is the same. 🙂
      That is awesome to hear about you and your husband.
      I relate to what you experienced while single because I’m currently experiencing it now! It used to frustrate me to see many of my friends with boyfriends and getting married when I still had not met my guy yet; however, God has helped me to view my friends stories as examples that doing it God’s way works because my friends who are married did.
      Thanks for sharing some of your own story.

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      1. Also I don’t know if you use Facebook, but I’m part of some really great Christian blogging groups on there, I can give you some information on them.


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